Future Projects

The following are ideas I hope to see develop, as the Lord leads, in the coming months. They are not in any particular order. If you have any information or leading in this area which could advance this cause please e-mail a response to me.

  1. More links. More articles or excerpts from books that could be scanned and uploaded to our web page files. I'd like to see orthodox responses to, and interaction with, the distorted, heretical views out there. More exegetical work on Phil 2 with attention given to context should bring a lot of light into the dialogue. I will write something if I can't find something already out there. Do you have a paper to write?
  2. Early fathers spreadsheet. I've started a spreadsheet of helpful info on all the fathers in whose writings the phrase "emptied himself." Is found. Links to the ethereal library would help students go right to the sources. This would make a good course project for an early fathers or historical theology class.
  3. Index of names and key Biblical and theological terms.
  4. Add verses to Zable's outline. Seeing them in type speaks volumes more than simply listing chapter and verse.
  5. "On the Web" I'd like to add a link to the home page for interacting with and responding to other sites on the web.
  6. "How to Empty Yourself" link. Judging from a lot of the kenosis links on the net, it appears that a lot of Buddhist/new age thinkers are looking for the authentic ways to empty themselves. I would like to steward this page wisely for those surfers who have not died to themselves and found the new abundant life that only Christ can bring.
  7. Outline all the issues within the various articles and excerpts to provide a framework for research.
  8. A few months ago The Catholic Faith magazine had an excellent article on the omniscience of Christ. I would like to find permission and a text file of the article so I could add it to this site.
  9. My daily prayer of the beatitudes might be of help. I'd like to link to it in here in the future.
  10. How to differ in a Christian manner. How to defend truth. How to love in truth and speak the truth in love. Francis Schaffer wrote a great work, The Mark of a Christian. I'd like to pull some things together to help us all be humble, effective warriors for truth.